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Save money on your camper van rental with these special offers

Teachers, veterans and first responders, you deserve a break

When you are on a road trip in a GoCamp camper van you get to enjoy:

Moments of peace and presence
Feeling grounded
The sun on your face
Breakfast with a view
Soul medicine
More memories than a mall could ever offer

So carve out some time to take a break. Study after study confirms the healing and restorative power of time spent in nature.

To make it easy for you to get in on some of that goodness, GoCamp offers a 15% discount on all camper van rentals—at any time of year—to teachers and educators, active duty military personnel and veterans, and first responders such as healthcare workers.

Long-Term Rentals Get Discounts Too

In addition to the discounts offered below, we also offer discounts on long-term trips. If you are planning to travel for an extended length of time, give us a call to discuss your plans. It varies by van, but we are often able to offer discounts on trips greater than 10 or 14 days. Looking for inspiration? Check out Leanna Trombino’s 31-night trip.

Teachers, Military Personnel, and First Responders Can Book Discounted Camper Van Rentals with GoCamp

School is out for the summer? Back home after an extended military tour? Just finished a residency with long hours? We'd love to thank you for your service to others by offering 15% off a camper van rental.

To book your discounted trip, browse camper van availability and then reach out to us by phone 503-327-8512 or email to confirm your eligibility. Once we hear from you we'll send you a unique discount code, and personally thank you for all that you do!

Say Thank You with a Gift Card

Whether for the special teacher in your life, the veteran you want to honor, or the nurse who held your hand when it mattered, consider a GoCamp gift card as a way to say thank you. The recipient can use your gift card in conjunction with any of the special offers above.