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Teacher Discounts

Teachers Get 15% Off Camper Van Rentals

Work Hard, Play Hard

All school year teachers work hard in the classroom. When summer rolls around they’ve earned an extended break! There’s no better way to rest and recharge than time spent in nature, which is why GoCamp offers teachers and educators a 15% travel discount on all camper van rentals.

Summer is the perfect time for teachers and educators to get behind the wheel of a GoCamp camper van and head off on an adventure. But so is winter break or spring break! Teachers and educators can get a discount on GoCamp camper vans at any time of the year. There are no travel restrictions related to the timing or duration of the trip.

Are you a teacher or educator?

You are shaping the hearts and minds of future generations! How’s your heart and mind doing after a long school year? Here’s a homework assignment from us: browse through available vans and book yourself a discounted camping trip!

To redeem this GoCamp teacher discount, head to the Rent a Van page and enter your travel dates, select the van best suited to your vacation needs, and then get in touch with our reservation team either by phone (503-327-8512) or email ( to verify your eligibility. We’ll ask to see your school id or something similar that identifies you as a teacher or educator.

Long-Term Rentals Get Discounts Too

Was it a really rough school year!? In addition to the teacher and educator discount, we also offer discounts on long-term trips. If you are planning to make the most of your summer break and want to travel for an extended length of time, give us a call to discuss your plans. It varies by van, but depending on the length of your trip the long-term discount might be as high as 20% off the nightly rate. Looking for inspiration? Check out Leanna Trombino’s 31-night trip.

Show Your Appreciation with a GoCamp Gift Card

Parents, does your son or daughter adore their kindergarten teacher? Did your high school senior just get accepted at their dream college thanks in large part to the efforts of their guidance counselor? Say thank you with a GoCamp gift card and let your favorite teacher or educator know about GoCamp’s 15% off educator discount.

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8–May 12, 2023, and Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 9th. A discounted camper van adventure just might be the perfect present for your favorite educator.